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I am writing to this email to tell you how frustrated. I am with the shopping experience with online store.

I have ordered a shirt online at and Since it didn't fit me I have to return it for refund in April 2014. Its been almost 4months and they are literally torturing me to give my money back. All I wanted was my refund and I have called them like 30 times and every time they keep saying, you will receive in a week. I don't understand that what in the world takes 4months to process refund and yet I didn't receive my refund.

I called in and talked some supervisor who said " I am sending in the refund gift card through one-day shipping ". It's been another week.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE *** IS GOING ON. I will never ever buy or even refer anyone buying at your site.

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You are right. It is very long time for refund. I wrote about bad quality of items before 2 weeks after the purchase, the CK wrote me "please, wait your answer", and after 30 days after the purchase CK wrote "you are so late, now is more 30 days"


I ordered a Moto Jacket from I bought it for a really good price because they had a good sale that day.

Well, when the jacket arrived, it had *** on the back side. I called customer service and told them that I wanted an exchange, that I loved the jacket and still wanted it, but of course in good condition. Customer service did not want to honor the same price. In other words, If I wanted an exchange I would've had to pay the new price, and of course the sale was I would've had to pay double the price for an exchange.

This is outrageous! It wasn't my fault in the first place that I got a defected jacket and now if I wanted the same one, I would have to pay double? Unbelievable!!

Bad customer service!!!

I don't think I am going to buy from them again. I have since bought a jacket from a different store, but CK has lost me as a customer!


Yes, I have the same experience about shoes.

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