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My girlfriend bought me a fancy black belt at Calvin Klein's retail outlet. It sells for $50 at outlet (supposedly $75 regularly), but she got it on sale for $35.

I wore it once, and the black started rubbing off showing brown patches. I wore it a second time, and more patches appeared, making it look ridiculous and cheap. Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near the outlet mall, so I put it in a box and waited until I could get down there. I was finally able to go to a different Calvin Klein store just over 2 months after purchase, and they refused to take it back.

Although I did not have the original receipt, what I did have was a clear print out of the original receipt (in my household, we scan all receipts and then toss them, for filing convenience). The store manager told me that he won't accept the return without the original receipt (even though the print out had the UPC bar code and everything he needed), and that he won't accept it because it has been 2 months. I understand both of those positions (especially the 2 months issue), but I explained that in fact, the belt had only been worn twice, both within days of the purchase, and had been sitting in a clean box waiting for a return opportunity ever since. I explained that it wasn't worth the $40 in gas to drive down to the outlet mall (nowhere near my home town) to return a $35 purchase.

I explained that, in any case, the belt is obviously *** quality to have splotched up on its first and second wearing. I asked for suggestions, and the manager told me I should give it to charity.

I understand you can't just show up months later and expect an easy return.

But having explained that their belt was *** quality, and the fact that I just wanted my $35 back, I was most disappointed with their lousy customer service response. Unless they take a different approach, I do not intend to shop there any more.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Dude. The Calvin Klein return policy is 30 days.

You can tell them all you want that you only wore it twice but your word is not a guarantee and they don't know that for sure. You can't keep something for 2 months and then expect them to believe your word for face value.

Also normal Calvin Klein stores don't typically take back things that were purchased from the outlet, similar to most other brands like Michael Kors and such. The outlet stores sell different products made more cheaply specifically for the outlet store.

Also the fact that you had a scanned receipt is a problem because they can't guarantee that the receipt is yours. To them a scanned receipt means that the original is out there somewhere, and that means there's a possibility that you aren't the original owner of the receipt.

Never mind the fact that you probably didn't have the original tag still on the product.

You expect way more than what is average for customer service, and act like you're entitled to things that you really, really are not entitled to.

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