Glendale, California

My WIFE purchased over a thousand dollars worth of pants, belts, and shirts for me to wear to work.

Since I travel, I rely on her for support and GOOD TASTE.

Recent months, I've noticed QUALITY GOING TO ***.

The Dam belt buckles pull apart from the belts. It appears that the screws are never fastened correctly.

My Brand New Shirts buttons are all coming apart.

*NOTE: You can easily see the *****STITCHING **** wasn't done correctly.

As for the pants:

One leg longer than the other. When you fold the pants in half, their not the same. The ***** SEEMS ***** Do Not Line Up. No wonder my butt feels funny!

*****Seriously, It's not just Mr. KLEINS clothing. I'm noticing the same EXACT issues with Michael KORS, Bruberry, POLO and other name brands.

NOTE: FIRE UP YOUR QUALITY CONTROL. I'm going back for my REFUNDS and I Will Carry A Very, Very, LOUD Voice for others to hear.

Yes Sir,

I'm pissed.........


Billy Nelms

(626) 221-8169

P.O. Box 836

El Centro, CA 92244

Monetary Loss: $150.

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