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My daughter and I each purchased a knee-length Calvin Klein down coat, one was black and one brown. Within the first few months each coat's zipper would no longer stay closed.

A tailor estimated it would cost $75 to replace each zipper.

This web site wants a minimum of 100 words but that is all I have to say. This is filler. I don't understand why you need 100 words, but I am trying to oblige by using this filler.

I hope this will satisfy the requirement. Calvin Klein coats have bad zippers.

Don't buy them. Thanks.

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I brought the Calvin Klein coat from Macy last year. I wore it for a couple of times and the zipper was defective.

I took it back to Macys to ask them if they can replace zipper. They told me that there is nothing they could do because it was over 60 days.

I like the coat and all that I’m asking for is to replace the zipper. I hope someone from Calvin Klein can read this message.


I love Calvin klein coats. They are beautiful, but their all zippers are to stiff and bad. so no matter how beautiful, I don't even look at them anymore.


I bought a Calvin Klein knee length down coat 2 years ago and it cost a few pennies! I have had nothing but problems with the zipper.

It would always split up. It did it again today but this time the pin side of the zipper fell off..

I now have. $300 coat that is only 2 years old that i cannot zip and we just got out of polar vortex!


I bought my daughter a Calvin Klein coat from Macy's, the zipper didnt last one season. Zipper repair is almost the price of the coat, what was my purpose in buying the coat.

They need to offer free zipper repair and get better quality zippers. I could not beleive how fast it happened.

I bought a zipper extender but it is not smoothly going up and down as it keeps getting stuck. Poor quality.


I also have a CK parka whose zipper fell apart at the bottom after one season.


I have contacted calvin klein and have been advised to send email to, include as much information about the issue, along with pictures, receipt if you have it or approximate amount you paid for your coat....they are going to offer replacement or pay to have coat fixed


just bought calvin klein knee length winter coat last year.....the zipper broke, in the process of looking for a replacement zipper....I expected better quality


So true. I have a full length Calvin Klein coat and the zipper went bad.

Extremely expensive to get fixed. I paid 450 for the coat.

What a waste of money on a junky coat. Never will buy one of his coats again.


Call the company and see if there's anything they will do. If they refuse to do anything,I would tell them I plan to file a Small Claims Court action and get them to pay for fixing the coat. It is defective as other people have noted in online complaints about Calvin Klein coats - which you can print out and bring to Court.


Me either,i asked around for a price to fix it they want to charge you just as much as the coat cost


Same issue except it was with not only one but two (2) expensive dresses! Not happy with a brand I loved. Makes it extremely difficult for future dress shopping considering their fit and styles are what I am looking for.


I too have a long down coat & the bottom zipper broke into pieces - I'm hoping to find a a replacement part!


I have a zipper problem as well on a coat less than 2 months old. On top of a poor product Calvin Klein customer service terrible.

My experience is they don't stand behind their product and are not responsive to complaints. They refer it from one person to another with no resolution.

Would not recommend their product.


Calvin Klein actually offers free zipper repair. Call them and they will happily fix both your and your daughter's zippers. :) It's a simple and happy solution.

@free fix

My daughters coat just had zipper break. I called CK. How do they handle replacement?

@free fix

Would you be so kind to give us the Calvin Klein contact info for the repair? Thanks in advance

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