Jacksonville, Florida

Mr Klein has developed a reputation for pushing the envelope of acceptability in his campaigns. Ads of the mid-1990s featured underaged teenagers (not professional models) in sexually provocative poses that were particularly risque, and were characterized by many as socially irresponsible. Dubbed "kiddie ***" by the press, the campaign was singled out by Forbes magazine as the worst marketing campaign of 1995. He even attracted government attention: the FBI and Justice Department investigated the company for possible violations of child *** laws. The ads were universally denounced, but in the end, the Justice Department ruled that they were not ***. And, yes, Klein pulled the ads, but not before the accompanying publicity had made the Calvin Klein brand name a part of everyday conversation..

Today, it appears, nothing has changed. We are continually fed a steady diet of this type of advertisement. The erotic display of young kids on billboards is abhorrant and C.K's quest for advetisment comes at the expense of our children, pre teens and young adults, not to mention a society that is over saturated with fifth as it is.

I protest such advertisement. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

jackie hedquist

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